Neide / July 28, 2014   •   Candids   Videos

A video of Willa, accompanied by her Arrow castmates and her mother, leaving San Diego Comic-Con on Friday (July 25) has been released by PopCandies. You can watch it bellow.

Neide / July 26, 2014   •   Candids   Gallery

Thanks to Gabby, i’ve added to the gallery pictures of Willa arriving at San Diego Comic-Con, with her mother, yesterday!

001.JPG 003.JPG 007.JPG 010.JPG

Candids > 2014 > July 25 – Arriving at San Diego Comic-Con

Neide / June 3, 2014   •   Candids   Gallery

I’ve added to the gallery pictures of Willa at Fred Segal in West Hollywood on June 1! Thank you Gabby for the pictures.

01.jpg 04.jpg 03.jpg 05.jpg

Candids > 2014 > June 1 – At Fred Segal in West Hollywood

Neide / May 24, 2014   •   Candids   Gallery

Thanks to JustJaredJr, i’ve added to the gallery pictures of Willa out in West Hollywood this past Tuesday (May 20).

01.jpg 02.jpg 03.jpg 04.jpg

Candids > 2014 > May 20 – Out in West Hollywood

Neide / November 14, 2013   •   Candids   Gallery

Thanks to Lora i’ve added pictures of Willa leaving GQ celebration of the 2013 “Men of The Year” on November 12.

01~100.jpg 02~77.jpg 03~65.jpg 06~39.jpg

Candids > 2013 > November 12 – Leaving GQ Celebration of The 2013 “Men Of The Year”

Neide / November 3, 2013   •   Candids   Gallery

I’ve added to the gallery two pictures of Willa outside the Nylon Magazine Celebration of “America The Issue” last friday (November 1).

  whollandempty whollandempty

Candids > 2013 > November 1 – Outside the Nylon Magazine Celebration of “America The Issue”

Neide / October 22, 2013   •   Candids   Gallery

Willa was spotted yesterday in West Hollywood having lunch with a friend. Thanks to fan-girl for the pictures.

002~57.jpg 004~31.jpg 005~24.jpg 009~11.jpg

Candids > 2013 > October 21 – Having Lunch with a Friend in West Hollywood

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