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(Video) Arrow Season 4 & DC’s Legends of Tomorrow Interview – Willa Holland, Rila Fukushima & Karl Yune

(Video) Why ‘Arrow’ Axed Harley Quinn & Suicide Squad & Willa Holland on Female Superheroes

As stated on our twitter page, which you can follow for pictures and more, Willa is at the MCM Convention in London! Flicks And The City managed to get an interview with her where she spoke about Harley Quinn on Arrow and Female Superheroes.

(VIDEO) Willa Holland on the Impressive Stunts on ‘Arrow’

Willa was this morning on KTLA Morning News, and along with the interview that you can watch bellow i have added to the gallery two pictures from her appearance!

001.jpg 002.jpg 001.jpg 002.jpg

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Willa Holland on ‘Arrow’ Fight Training

Willa Holland’s Thea Queen is showing off her physicality this season on “Arrow,” something that was previewed at the end of last week’s episode.

Thea is now being trained as a fighter under the tutelage of her dad, Malcolm Merlyn (John Barrowman).

“I’m still going through it,” Willa said when AccessHollywood.com asked her about her own fight training as an actress, during a set visit to Vancouver with reporters last Friday. “I’m still learning a lot, but I’ve been doing a lot of weight lifting, hitting the gym a lot with my trainer, Brady Roberts, who tortures me on a daily basis for at least an hour every day of the week, like seven days a week, Sundays even. And basically I’ve been working – I don’t know if I can reveal the other trainers that I’ve been working with. I’ve been focusing on weight lifting and getting my mobility going, and I’ve been hitting a few fronts, like kind of dabbling in almost everything the show has been offering, so it’s been kind of nice.”
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(VIDEO) ‘Arrow’ Star Willa Holland Says It’s Hard To Take John Barrowman Seriously

(VIDEO) Arrow Interview: Willa Holland on a New Thea

DA MAN Exclusive Feature: Willa Holland

You can find the interview Willa gave DA MAN magazine bellow, plus i’ve added a few more scans from the magazine. Sadly they don’t have that much quality, however are of bigger size. Enjoy!

001.jpg 002.jpg 004.jpg 005.jpg

Magazine Scans > 2014 > DA MAN (October/November)

The daughter of a famous movie director and an actress and model since the age of seven, it seems Willa Holland was always destined for stardom. Talented and tenacious, she now arrives on our screens for the third season of “Arrow,” an action drama show following the life of a billionaire playboy who returns home after a long absence to fight crime and corruption as a masked vigilante named Arrow. Holland plays Arrow’s sister Thea Queen, and subsequently has to put up with quite a lot. However, as our encounter with her shows, she appears to be more than up to the task.

DA MAN: Willa, thanks for chatting with DA MAN. Can you tell us a bit about your character thea Queen?
WILLA HOLLAND: Hey, my pleasure! Thea has always been a bit of a wild card, but she’s matured a lot over the years. The end of season two was a bit of a struggle for her to put it lightly, but she comes out in season three with a tougher, stronger side that we haven’t seen before. So watch out! [Laughs]
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Willa Holland for WhoWhatWear

WhoWhatWear has posted a new article featuring an interview and a photoshoot of Willa! She looks gorgeous in those outtakes as you can see. You can read the article bellow.

02.jpg 04.jpg 05.jpg 010.jpg

Studio Photoshoots > Sessions & Outtakes > 2014 > WhoWhatWear

When Willa Holland arrived in Los Angeles for our October fashion shoot, it was a blistering 90 degrees outside. Hardly coat weather, but that didn’t deter the Arrow actress from playing dress-up in the season’s coolest outerwear. With a new chopped haircut and a giant smile on her face, Holland was game for anything—in this case, an arsenal of cozy pieces rich with of-the-moment textures, menswear detailing, and a touch of sport. Take a minute perusing the final looks, and you’ll be ready to try these fall essentials, too.

Within moments of meeting Holland, we couldn’t help but notice that the actress could be a long-lost Delevingne sister—blame it on her striking brows and prominent cheekbones. When asked if she ever gets mistaken for Cara, Holland laughed: “You mean, does she ever get mistaken for me?” It turns out the two grew up together in London, and people would often mix them up. Holland’s personality fits the bill, too. The bubbly 23-year-old is infectious, not afraid to crack a silly face in front of the camera or dance to Taylor Swift.

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Stephen Amell Talks Willa Holland and Thea Queen on ‘Arrow’ Season 3

Down bellow you will find a bit of an interview given by Stephen Amell, among others. Its a interview in which they talk about season 3 of Arrow, what’s coming up and what we can expect. During the interview, Stephen spoke about Willa in the season that got me really curious and looking forwards for the new season and what she will bring us with her character. Aside from Stephen, both John Barrowman and Andrew Kreisberg mention Willa’s character, Thea, but Stephen’s quote was that quote that got me to actually post this. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as i did.

“In general, I think that Willa is incredibly talented, and it really excites me because for all intents and purposes, she’s kind of been a bench player for the first couple of years,” the star continued, shifting the topic back to Willa Holland’s character, Thea. “This year, it’s us saying, ‘We know how much you’re capable of. So here you go. Here’s your episode.’ I know that Diggle’s had a couple episodes like that, but this year Willa is going to have an episode like that. And Emily [Bett Rickards as Felicity] is going to have an episode like that. That’s the most exciting part for me — aside from getting a couple of days off. I’m happy that everyone is getting their moment.”

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Arrow’s Willa Holland Talks Thea’s Dark Season Three Path

With John Barrowman’s Malcolm Merlyn taking his (spoilers) biological daughter Thea Queen under his wing in the upcoming, third season of Arrow, there are a lot of unanswered questions as to just what Willa Holland will be doing this year.

And she isn’t the one to answer them, for the most part.

Holland joined ComicBook.com and a small group of reporters at Comic Con International: San Diego last month for a roundtable, where she dealt with Thea’s relationships with Roy, Oliver and Merlyn; her character’s love life; and how training to make Thea more of a badass has her in the gym for the first time in her life — for 20 hours a week.

Ed. note: It’s helpful to know that Snow is a 2004 made-for-TV movie starring Tom Cavanagh and Ashley Williams. Is spawned a sequel, in which the pair also starred.

Can you tell us about what’s different about playing Thea this year?

Willa Holland: I can say that the Thea [last name] that we saw leave at the end of season two is definitely not the Thea we see in — once we’re back — in Season Three. And she’s definitely…she’s gone through some stuff, and maybe taken out a little anger on the gym. I need a Band-Aid for how cut I am right now, guys. I mean, really, seriously.
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