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Your #1 source on the American actress and model Willa Holland. You might recognize Willa as the troublemaker Kaitlin Cooper in the teen hit series "The OC", or as Thea Queen in recent CW series "Arrow". Other works include movies "Tiger Eyes", "Straw Dogs", television series "Gossip Girl" and the video-games "Kingdom Hearts", where Willa gives voice to Aqua. Here at Willa Holland Online we aim to bring you all the latest news and images related to Willa's career. Be sure to bookmark us, and visit us again soon!

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Happy 29th Birthday, Willa!

What day is it? It’s Willa’s Birthday! The talented actress, known for roles in The OC, Gossip Girl and Arrow, turns 29 years old today and we wish her the greatest day ever, for all her dreams to come true. It’s been over 10 years since we’ve been fans of Willa and with every year, we can’t help but admire more this extraordinary woman who’s way too obsessed with bacon and has the cutest dog in the world (shout-out to Billie!)

To celebrate Willa’s birthday we have given our website a huge make-over, featuring an old photoshoot taken while on the set of Gossip Girl and behind the scenes photos from The Lab Magazine (which we are still waiting for official outtakes to come out). We’ve also replaced a few outtakes from Toronto International Film Festival with their high-quality versions, and added high definition screen captures from season 3 of The OC, where Willa portrays the rebellious Kaitlin Cooper!

Happy Birthday, Willa!


Happy 28th Birthday, Willa!

Whoa, time flies fast doesn’t it? It’s June 18th and that means it’s Willa’s birthday! This talented and hilarious woman (i will never forget the interview where she mentions bacon being her kryptonite and wanting to be Batman for the gadgets and Alfred) turns 28 today and we wish her the best day ever, surrounded by the ones she loves the most. May all her wishes come true, happy birthday Willa!


Happy 27th Birthday, Willa!

Today is a very special day – It’s Willa’s birthday! This talented woman turns 27 years old today and we wish her an amazing day, full of love and surrounded by her loved ones. It has been so long since we first saw Willa as Kaitlin Cooper in The OC, becoming instant fans of her. It has been quite a wild ride to follow her career over the years, and we cannot wait to see what else the future brings to this woman and what role she will take on next.

Thank you for being yourself, Willa. Happy birthday!


We have a new home + look!

Hello Willa fans! I’m sure you have noticed that we have gone a bit missing in action but, as you can see this is the reason why! With a brand new domain willa-holland.org (make sure to bookmark it as the previous one no longer works!) we decided to work on a new look for the site, plus organize our gallery that was a bit messy. We still have a lot to work on, content and gallery (hint: we’ll have a video archive where you can watch every video of Willa’s soon) but with Comic Con International happening tomorrow and it being a very special date in which Willa is in San Diego with the Arrow cast to promote the upcoming season of the show, we decided on opening it earlier to keep you guys up to date with what we’ve been doing + tomorrow’s big event! I’m also very happy to announce that a friend of mine’s and a huge fan of Willa as well, Gabby, has joined the team! You might recognize her from another Willa Holland fansite, willa-holland.net.

We hope you guys like the brand new look, the header designed by the talented Nicole, if you happen to see any glitch don’t hesitate to contact us. Plus, make sure to follow us on twitter for all the news on Willa!

Willa Holland to attend Heroes & Villains Fan Fest

It has been announced this Friday that Willa would be attending Heroes & Villains Fan Fest, along with her Arrow co-stars Stephen Amell, Katie Cassidy, John Barrowman, Caity Lotz and David Ramsey. The convention takes place at the San Jose Convention Center on November 21.