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Willa was at Heroes & Villains Fan Fest Atlanta this weekend with her Arrow co-stars Stephen Amell, Katie Cassidy, Paul Blackthorne, David Ramsey, Charlotte Ross and John Barrowman to talk about the show and interact with some fans. We have added to the gallery photos from the Arrow panel, a big thank you to venusnep for two of the pictures along with other pictures shared by the actors and some fans. Bellow you will find some information that was told during the panel, along with the whole panel incase you are interested in watching!

  • Paul Blackthorne has spoken about who he was been working with the most, Willa– “I’ve just been hanging out with this lady, in this makeshift father-daughter relationship.”
  • “I want Robin Lord Taylor to cross over, I love him, so I’d have the Penguin as my sidekick. Vibin’ with the Penguin” — Willa on who she’d love to have as a sidekick.
  • When asked if she could do the salmon ladder, Willa said “I could swing on the bars.”
  • Katie Cassidy spoke about how Laurel would feel regarding the friendship between Lance and Thea, “Laurel would approve of the father-daughter relationship Quentin and Thea have. They can take care of each other.”
  • Willa’s favorite superhero is Batman.
  • Willa told a story about how she forgets to wipe the black off from underneath her Speedy mask and has ran errands at a grocery store with it on, which made some kids cry.
  • On no longer being part of Team Arrow — “I miss hanging out with Emily on sets some days, I miss hanging out with Stephen…. sometimes.”
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