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Willa made an appearance this past weekend at Heroes & Villains Fan Fest San Jose, where she chatted about the new season of Arrow. Photos of the convention have been added to the gallery, as you can also read a bit of what Willa said bellow along with videos!

  • Willa said that her “self rebelion” inspires her relationship with Malcolm.
  • When asked about Thea and Oliver’s relationship Willa said that they are “ok but he feels she’s abandoned him in hero work.”
  • The best part of being on Arrow? Willa and David both agree that “the cast is like a big family”.
  • “I want a scene where I play poker with Diggle”, Willa said when asked about her hopes regarding the upcoming season of the show.
  • On Thea’s relationship with Malcolm, “There’s going to be less hate, we are trying to find some neutral ground.”
  • Paul Blackthorne has revealed during his panel that he’s been working a lot with Willa this season.

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