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Your #1 source on the American actress and model Willa Holland. You might recognize Willa as the troublemaker Kaitlin Cooper in the teen hit series "The OC", or as Thea Queen in recent CW series "Arrow". Other works include movies "Tiger Eyes", "Straw Dogs", television series "Gossip Girl" and the video-games "Kingdom Hearts", where Willa gives voice to Aqua. Here at Willa Holland Online we aim to bring you all the latest news and images related to Willa's career. Be sure to bookmark us, and visit us again soon!

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Master-Post: MCM London Comic Con

Hey guys! I’ve (finally) managed to grab every picture plus screencapture the interviews and panels from MCM London Comic Con! Photos have been added to the gallery, and you can watch the two panels Willa and Katrina did at the convention bellow (and under the cut)!

05.jpg 01.jpg 03.jpg 0187.jpg

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(Video) Arrow Season 4 & 5 Interview – Willa Holland & Katrina Law

Another interview from today, this time for Flicks And The City! More will be added as they get released, and get ready because very soon i’ll be posting photos from the convention!

(Video) MyM BUZZ: Katrina Law & Willa Holland

As you know, Willa’s first day at MCM London Comic Con was today and she already did a few interviews with Arrow co-star Katrina Law. Watch their interview for MyM BUZZ bellow!

Heroes & Villains Fan Fest – “The Women of Arrow” Panel

First off, i’d like to apologize about the lack of updates. Real life has been kicking my butt but hopefully i’ll have the site up to date in no time! Back to updates– Willa attended the Heroes & Villains Fan Fest the past month (March 12) and i have added to the gallery photos from the panel she did with a few of her female castmates– titled “The Women of Arrow”. Along with the pictures, you can watch the panel bellow!

002.jpg 004.jpg 005.jpg 006.jpg

(Video) ‘Arrow’ Season 4 – Willa Holland Interview

(Video) ‘Arrow’ Comic-Con 2015 Q&A

(Video) Willa Holland Interview – ‘Arrow’ Season 4

Bellow (and under the cut) you will find the latest interviews Willa did while at Comic-Con International, on the past July 12.

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(Video) ‘Arrow’ at Comic-Con 2015!

(Video) TVLine: ‘Arrow’ Cast Interview at Comic-Con 2015

(Video) The Salmon Ladders will be back next season of ‘Arrow’ (aka more abs)

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