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Our favorite time of the year– Comic Con International or as some call it, San Diego Comic Con!!!! It’s a fantastic time where we get learn more about certain television shows, movies and much more. For us, Willa fans, it means a lot of new pictures, interviews and basically just seeing Willa out in San Diego, promoting the show, while being her goofy and super sweet self warms our hearts. Willa was the convention promoting the sixth season of Arrow, where she spoke about Thea while also not giving much away considering the season five finale ended with a big bang (if you know what i mean) and the fate of a lot of characters is currently under wraps.

With that being said, during the panel we didn’t learn much on Thea. Willa spoke about the crossovers and how they were very challenging in a really creative way. The cast was asked about traumas their characters went through this past season only, to which Willa said that trauma has catapulted Thea into different areas and she has learnt lessons of who and what not to be in the future. Photos from this epic weekend have been added to the gallery, from public appearances, to photos of Willa arriving to Hard Rock Hotel and photoshoots. Bellow you will also find a video to the panel, that you can now watch thanks to Flicks And The City!

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Neide / May 4, 2016   •   Photoshoots

New outtakes from Willa’s photoshoot for Malibu magazine have been added to the gallery, while the existing ones were replaced with bigger versions.

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Neide / February 12, 2016   •   Photoshoots

DA MAN has released a few outtakes from the photoshoot Willa shoot last year, while promoting season 4 of Arrow. We can only hope for more outtakes to get released as these ones are absolutely stunning!

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A new/old photoshoot of Willa, taken in 2007 by Jamie Luca has been added to our gallery!

Clique para ver imagem em tamanho real Clique para ver imagem em tamanho real

Neide / December 27, 2015   •   Photoshoots

Anton Yelchin, actor and Willa’s co-star in Middle of Nowhere, has posted on his photography account an outtake taken of Willa. It has been added to the gallery and Willa looks gorgeous in it!

Clique para ver imagem em tamanho real Clique para ver imagem em tamanho real

Neide / September 26, 2015   •   Photoshoots

Willa has done a photo session for friend and photographer Carly Foulkes. I have added two outtakes from the photoshoot to the gallery.

001 002

Neide / July 26, 2015   •   Photoshoots

IGN has released the portraits taken at Comic Con International, and one of them is of Willa!


Neide / July 12, 2015   •   Photoshoots   Public Appearances

I have updated the gallery with not only photos from the events Willa attended yesterday while at Comic-Con International, in San Diego, but also from one cast portrait taken by Entertainment Weekly!

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Public Appearances > 2015 > July 11 – Comic-Con International 2015 – ‘Arrow’ Press Line
Public Appearances > 2015 > July 11 – Comic-Con International 2015 – ‘Arrow’ Signing Booth
Public Appearances > 2015 > July 11 – Comic-Con International 2015 – ‘Arrow’ Panel
Public Appearances > 2015 > July 11 – Entertainment Weekly Comic-Con Celebration
Studio Photoshoots > Press Conferences & Portraits > 2015 > Entertainment Weekly Comic-Con Portraits – Day 3

Neide / April 29, 2015   •   Photoshoots

Portraits of Willa taken by TV Guide while at San Diego Comic-Con last year have been added to the gallery. Huge thank you to Elizabeth for them!

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Studio Photoshoots > Press Conferences & Portraits > 2014 > TV Guide Comic-Con Portraits

Neide / February 19, 2015   •   Gallery   Photoshoots

Willa visited BuzzFeed’s headquarters last week, where she played a game that consisted of describing fictional characters with the first words that came through her mind. I have added to the gallery outtakes from BuzzFeed’s mini game. You can check out all her reactions towards fictional characters here.

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Studio Photoshoots > Sessions & Outtakes > 2015 > Session 002

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