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Your #1 source on the American actress and model Willa Holland. You might recognize Willa as the troublemaker Kaitlin Cooper in the teen hit series "The OC", or as Thea Queen in recent CW series "Arrow". Other works include movies "Tiger Eyes", "Straw Dogs", television series "Gossip Girl" and the video-games "Kingdom Hearts", where Willa gives voice to Aqua. Here at Willa Holland Online we aim to bring you all the latest news and images related to Willa's career. Be sure to bookmark us, and visit us again soon!

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Willa Holland On TV & Film’s Most Badass Women

Willa visited BuzzFeed’s headquarters last week, where she played a game that consisted of describing fictional characters with the first words that came through her mind. I have added to the gallery outtakes from BuzzFeed’s mini game. You can check out all her reactions towards fictional characters here.

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