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Willa Holland talks Roy and Thea and finding ‘Arrow’s’ lair on season 2

When you stop and think about it, Thea Queen (Willa Holland) on The CW’s Arrow has quite the distant relationships with the men in her life. She lost her father at a young age, and she thought she lost her older brother then, too. He returned home but kept her at more than an arm’s length, creating some tension and lots of secrets between them. She rebelled against this– as any young woman would– made some bad choices and fell for a bad boy. Roy Harper (Colton Haynes) may be trying to prove his life worthy of saving and clean up Starling City now, but in doing so, he is putting himself and Thea by association in harm’s way and keeping secrets from her, too. She fell for a guy who is damaged in many of the same ways her brother is, and now that she has come so far and matured so much in the five months since the earthquake, it may be time for her to clean up both her professional and personal life.

“Thea Queen, I’d like to think, is better off than most at the beginning of the [second] season…Thea’s actually kind of got herself a bit put together now. She’s running the club at Verdant; she’s managing the bar and actually not drinking behind the counter; she’s actually taking care of things on the other side, which is good for her; and it seems like she’s actually got her head screwed on a little bit tighter than before,” Holland said when LA TV Insider Examiner sat down with her on set.

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Gallery Update: FOX Broadcasting Fall Portraits

I’ve added to the gallery HQ portraits from FOX Broadcasting Fall back in 2006.


Studio Photoshoots > Press Conferences & Portraits > 2006 > FOX Broadcasting Fall Portraits

“It Can Wait” TV Spot

A few weeks ago Willa did a TV Spot for “It Can Wait” campaign, that’s about not texting while driving. I’ve added HD screencaptures of the tv spot. You can also watch the video bellow.


Willa Holland loves talking with her family, but knows not to text and drive. It can wait.

‘Arrow’ 2.01 Screencaptures

I’ve added HD screencaptures of the first episode from season 2 of Arrow. Willa was amazing in it, don’t you think?

thumb_90020 thumb_90114 thumb_90769 thumb_90900

Television Productions > Arrow (2012-) > Season 2 > Episode Screencaptures > 2.01 – City Of Heroes

OK! Magazine Visits ‘Arrow’ Set



Willa Holland rocks the Vancouver uniform like no one else.
She popped in to chat with the journalists wearing a giant coat and Uggs to keep warm in her character’s evening gown and jewels. A weird look, for sure, but no one can do it like Willa.

Willa’s character Thea is getting her life together.
“Thea Queen, I like to think, is doing better than most,” at the beginning of the season, said Willa. “Thea’s got herself together now. She’s got her head screwed on tight, a little tighter than before. She’s doing a bit better.” As for how she’s dealing with the tough times, Willa said, “She’s used to isolation. The last five months have been about self-growth for her.”

Grand Opening!

Hello and welcome to Willa Holland Online, your newest source for all things Willa Holland! Willa is mostly known for her roles in The O.C as Marissa’s little sister Kaitlin Cooper, Gossip Girl as Agnes Andrews and is currently on CW’S Arrow, that returns tonight for its second season so don’t forget to watch it! Also, don’t forget to follow Willa Holland Online on twitter, @whollandorg for the latest news!

Nylon Magazine Outtakes

Willa is featured in the October 2013 issue of Nylon Magazine. I’ve added six outtakes from the photoshoot and will be adding the scans soon.

thumb_01_28129~2 thumb_01_28329~1 thumb_01_28429~1 thumb_01_28529~0

Studio Photoshoots > Sessions & Outtakes > 2013 > Nylon

Willa Holland On Arrow Season 2: Has Thea Queen Pulled Herself Together?

Willa Holland (Thea Queen) chats with reporters on the Vancouver set of The CW’s “Arrow” about Season 2. How is Thea fairing when the show returns? Has she pulled herself together? Plus, how is Thea’s relationship with Roy Harper? How is she dealing with Roy’s extracurricular activities? “Arrow” Season 2 premieres Oct. 9 at 8/7c on The CW.

‘Arrow’ 2.01 Stills

More stills from episode one of Arrow have been added to the gallery.

thumb_1_28129~0 thumb_1_28329 thumb_1_28429 thumb_1~2

Television Productions > Arrow (2012-) > Season 2 > Episode Stills > 2.01 – City Of Heroes

‘Arrow’ Promotional Shoot

The first picture of Arrow season 2 Promotional Shoot has been released and Willa looks stunning!


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